The Giant






The Giant, 2005. single channel video, color, sounds, 3:44 minutes.


The Giant, celebrates the hero returning home to southern Italy. “Rocco Siffredi was a man from the South....a man coming from nothing ...who realized, in an absurd way, his dream to conquer America. Surely Siffredi is one of the best symbols of the new “Made in Italy.”

Rocco died when he was 37 years old while he was “honestly” performing his job as if he were at an assembly line in one of the car plants in Detroit. He was completing his biggest task: showing the entire world his power by becoming a tool for sex, the “Fucking Machine.”  He was like Achilles, defeated in battle where he believed to be invulnerable. “The Giant” tells his story from birth until his tragic death following his deeds and successes around the world. His existence moved away from earthly life and came to legend, similar to what happened to another myth of the “American Dream,” James Dean.

Like James Dean, Rocco interpreted the dreams and the ambitions of millions of people. Like Dean, he has been celebrated and acclaimed around the world. Like Dean, he found the success in the “big” country of America. However, the dreams of both men were shattered prematurely. America is the place of dreams, but it is also a place where you can burn out easily. The Giant is a real journey into the absurdity of the society in which we live, particularly the frenetic New York life, and a journey through the dream of American life in general.