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WORKS > The Evil Empire (2007-2008)

"The Evil Empire" is the title of my latest drawing animated film, made between the years 2007-2008. The Evil Empire takes place in the heart of Vatic-anal City, in the year 2046. Surrounded by the glorious frescoes and wealth of his St. Peter Basilica apartment, a fictional Pope is portrayed as a young man struggling with an addiction to pornography, similarly to all ordinary men who cannot avoid the temptation of the contemporary society. Pope Urban LXIX has embraced the ways of the 21st century, fulfilling all of his vices to no end. Within this dystopian vision of contemporary society, the artist gives the audience a glimmer of hope. In the end Pope Urban LXIX is ironically sent on a journey through hell where he pays for all of his sins. The video ends on a carousel of blood and on a positive note that jolts the audience to attention and gives them a chance to reverse the damage of corruption in today’s society. The Evil Empire is made in collaboration with 3D New Zealand based artist Russell Lowe. Russell Lowe is Professor at the New South Wales University of Sidney, Australia

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