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WORKS > Douche Bag City (2010-2011)

"Douche Bag City"

The Douche Bag City installation is composed of 15 drawing animated videos and was conceived by the artist to be a satire of the current world economic crisis.The installation will be previewed in its complete version at the upcoming Site Santa Fe Biennale in New Mexico, an exhibition curated by Sarah Lewis and Daniel Belasco. The main character, Dick Richman, is a greedy, dishonest, and selfish Wall Street employee who was banished to live in Douche Bag City.Douche Bag City is a hopeless place, where the greedy villains of society are imprisoned for their atrocities committed against the community. Solmiā€™s complex technique combines traditional hand drawn animation with digital models, utilizing computer gaming engines. The result is an absolutely unique hand-made texture within a real-time 3D framework and was created in collaboration with New Zealand 3D artist, Russell Lowe. Lowe is a senior lecturer at New South Wales University in Sidney Australia.

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