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WORKS > Mechanical Sculptures (2009)

The mechanical sculpture entitled “Fucking Machine, After Leonardo” represents a carnival-like  caricature of the current degenerate, social-political environment in which corrupted politicians, decadent dictators and religious leaders are portrayed by the artist as the main cause of the deterioration of the human race. The artist aims to satirize and condemn the cruelty of a male dominated, hierarchic world, in which the primitive uncivilized instincts of violence and force always prevails over reason and ethics. The raw and sadistic sexual content is an ironic tribute to man’s intellectual perversions, and its ambition to reach authority through the ruthless use of power.  It also symbolizes an obvious spoof to the perishing moral and reckless behavior that indisputably governs our everyday life.

The sculptures represented below were executed between 2010 and 2011. both measure approx 5ft by 4ft.The series of sculptures entitled “Fucking Machine, After Leonardo” werein collaboration with 3D artists Russell Lowe and Lee Gibson. Lowe is a Professor at the New South Wales University in Sidney, Australia. Lee Gibson is a Senior Lecturer in Industrial Design at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. the past 5 years Lowe and Gibson have collaborated with Solmi, utilizing cutting edge 3D Digital Technology and Fabrication practices testing their implications in contemporary culture.

1. Fucking Machine exhibited at Jerome Zodo Contemporary, Milan, 2010

2. Detailed View Fucking Machine
4- Fucking Machine, exhibited at Conner Contemporary Art Washington, 2010
5. Detailed View Fucking Machine
6. Motion View Fucking Machine,
7. View From Above, Fucking Machine, 4ft by 5ft.
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